Consulting Services

Premier Banking Consultants (PBC) is regionally known as a provider of consulting services for community banks to satisfy regulatory requirements. Giving them the peace of mind to know they are operating in a safe & sound manner.  We specialize in Loan Review, Regulatory & Compliance Advisory, and Internal, Interest Rate Risk, BSA, ACH & IT Audits.  In addition, we offer expertise in such areas as Problem Loan Workouts and Audit Committee consultation.

Loan Review


The development of an effective loan review and grading system results in the ability to identify potential credit weaknesses at its initial stages, improving management’s ability to assess the risk inherent in the loan portfolio. PBC can help implement an independent loan review system that serves as an effective “early warning system” and ultimately reduces loan losses.

Regulatory Advisory


With our regulatory experience, we can help you effectively deal with regulators before, during, and after the examination. By utilizing PBC, we can identify problem areas so you can have them corrected before the examiners walk in the door.

Internal, Interest Rate Risk, BSA, & ACH Audits


Cyber Security is a priority for everyone, and with Premier Banking Consultants on your side, you can feel confident in the safeguards we provide. Effective controls are critical in protecting the bank’s assets and serving as a deterrent to fraud and defalcations. With the intense scrutiny on financial institutions to maintain proper internal controls, experience, knowledge, and most importantly, independence in this function is paramount. By using PBC, you will get expert knowledge in addition to saving money and precious employee resources.

IT Audit & Vulnerability Testing


Effective controls are critical in maintaining the integrity of the Bank’s Information Technology systems. Safeguarding the Bank’s IT assets and especially customer information is critical. By choosing PBC to perform your IT audit function and assess the vulnerability of your network and customer information security program, you will get a cost-effective audit and assessment that you can understand and implement in a timely manner.

Compliance Services


The focus of an effective compliance management system has changed, and we can help you build a program that meets the training, auditing, and reporting requirements handed down by regulatory agencies. Let PBC help you have peace of mind and the confidence to know your program is as strong as it needs to be.